Sunday, December 4, 2011

Off topic- Acts of Kindness for the Holidays

I think there are opportunities year round to partake in Acts of Kindness. However, during the holidays is where it could mean the most to many people. I'm linking up with Suburban Princess, who posted a list of 25 Acts of Kindness.

Today, I'd like to feature the three Acts of Kindness I've already completed for the Holiday season.

(1) Adopt an elderly person - Through my work, I signed up to adopt an elderly gentleman for the holidays. So many eldery and disabled adults in our community survive on so little. Many of them do not have family to help out. The number one item on his wish list was for a blue bathrobe. After searching numerous stores, I settled on an Izod robe in navy blue. I really hope he likes it!

(2) Angel Tree - Like many other churches, my church has an Angel Tree. An Angel Tree has many different Angel cards with children and families' wish lists. My card had requests for books for kids of all ages and wooden puzzles. I had a blast at Homegoods, picking out wooden puzzles. Their toy section is really great--lots of Melissa and Doug products. Then I headed to Books a Million and stocked up on a dozen or so books. I couldn't help but throw in some of my childhood favorites, like The Boxcar Children and A Little Princess.

(3) Toy Drive - Our local organization that works with foster children hosted a toy drive. While buying presents for my nieces, I picked up a fun Transformer toy that I hope a little boy will love!!

The Holidays are a wonderful time to rejoice in family and friends. However, if you have an opportunity to bring some joy to someone outside of that circle, do it! Suburban Princess's list is a great resource for ideas!