Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday 6.30

Opps, I really need to clean this mirror! Also, I think I should get a gorilla pod or something to help mount my camera, so I can stop with the mirror pics!

Anyway, I really like this deep aqua color. It is darker than teal, however I may wear this when I root for the Jaguars in the fall! All I need is some Jaguar animal print...

Cardi: Bealls
Shirt: Mossimo, via Target
Capris: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Anne Klein, via TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Premier
Earrings: World Market

Also the WM earrings are too big on me! I kept getting my earrings caught in my phone, sweater, shoulder etc! I think I'm going to take a few of the adornments off to make them smaller. Nothing a pair of little pliers can't fix!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday 6.29

Pretty boring outfit today, but at least my accessories are fun!

Shirt: Merona, via Target
Jeans: ATL
Shoes: Nine West, via Ross

Close up of accessories

Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: from local boutique
Necklace: Starfish, Premier

Shirt and Pants: J Crew
Shoes: Desert Boots, Clark's

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday 6.28

Well, hello there Monday--why do you always sneak up on me??

Cardi: Bealls
Shirt: Mossimo, via Target
Skirt: ATL Outlet
Shoes: Nine West, via Ross

J just received the GAP sweatshirt he ordered online a few days ago. He didn't actually wear this to work--he would have been burning up otherwise!

Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Clark Desert Boots

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Like a kid in a candy store!

I love jewelry. Not diamonds (but I wouldn't turn one away!)...but fun, funky jewelry. My current job allows for some creativity in my accessory choice, so I'm lucky that I can wear pretty bold items to work. While I covet the pricey stuff that Stella and Dot offer, I just don't have it in my budget to purchase it!

Today I stopped by Stein Mart and World Market to pick up some new, fun jewelry (um, didn't I just buy new earrings last weekend?!). Here's what I got!

Ready for their close-up!

Stein Mart, $4.99

World Market, $4.99

World Market,$6.99 - Very Stella and Dot-ish, like these

Off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Hope you are having a good day!

Saturday 6.26

Off to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday! I don't normally post Saturday pictures. Believe me, you aren't missing much! I usually wear shorts and a t shirt! However, the print on this dress is too pretty NOT to share. Dress was purchased while on vacation in Savannah! Even better, it was purchased at 50% off!

Dress: From Savannah, from a store on River Street
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Premier

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday 6.25

My outfit wasn't meant to be nautical in nature, but I'm glad it ended up this way! I was staring at my shirt today and determined it is almost Nantucket Red in color! Who knew :)

Shirt: Antilla Femme, Marshalls
Jeans: ATL
Shoes: Naturalizer
"Pearls": Forever 21

Close Up of the pattern on the shirt

Such cute details!

And here comes J, preparing watermelon margaritas to go with our steak tacos for dinner!!

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: J Crew
Shoes: Desert Boots, Clark's

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 6.24

Thanks for the feedback on the blue and green combo! I will definitely be trying that one again!!

On to today...Thursday--or baby Friday to me!

Dress and Cardi: ATL
Shoes: Jessica Simpson, via TJ Maxx
Earrings: from Local boutique!

Close up of the earrings

Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: John Varvatos, via Gilt

Happy almost Friday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday 6.23

I'm not sure if I liked this combination in colors! However, I'm glad I tried it. I think I just need to keep experimenting with fun color combinations!

Cardi: Bealls
Shirt: Mossimo Black, via Target
Skirt: Merona, via Target
Shoes: Opps! they were in my car! I wore tan wedges.

Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Martin & Osa (purchased for 50% off since they are closing!)
Shoes: Sperry

I'm thinking my yellow/grey ATL dress for tomorrow. Can't believe it, but I have not worn it to work yet and I purchased it in early May!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tally Tuesday 6.22

As I mentioned yesterday, I was up at 3:45am today. I attended training in Tallahassee, a good 2.5 hours away! Yeesh. But I managed to take my picture before I left. I picked my outfit today only because I knew it wouldn't be too wrinkled by the time I arrived for training!

Top: Forgot the brand, from Ross
Cardi: Target
Capris: Ann Taylor
Flats: Nine West

J is back in the picture taking mode too and I got his pic when I arrived home!

Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Sperry
Hair: Freshly cut for summer!

So while I was on break from training, I started making a list of possible outfits that I had not worn before. I came up with 13 combinations I haven't worn yet! That just shows that I DO NOT need to be shopping. Some of them were combinations that were inspired or suggested by you!

For tomorrow, inspired by Andie, I will be wearing my Blue and white Coral print Target skirt, White ruffle top and Green Cardi sweater! She recommended wearing this skirt with a green polo, which won't quite work for work, but the green cardi will be a good stand-in. Thanks Andie!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday 6.21

I had a great weekend with friends and family. My parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary this weekend! That plus Father's Day made for lots to celebrate!

But back to reality, as they (don't really know who "they" are) say...

Dress: Dress Barn (seriously, I think they would get more business if they changed their name!)
Cardi: Talbots
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Premier

Now here is me trying out the self-timer! I think I need one of those gorilla pods! Also, I wanted y'all to see my haircut!

I have to wake up at 3:45am (!!!!) tomorrow for work so I doubt I will be picture taking! See y'all Wednesday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New earrings

If you haven't already figured, I love yellow! So when these beauties said "hello" today while I was perusing a favorite local boutique, I just had to say "hello" back! Minutes later, they were packaged up to come home with me!

Not sure why one of the flowers is showing up as teal in the pic. They are all yellow flowers!

Best part. These earrings were only $15!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 6.18

Early start to Friday! I was out of the house by 7am. Blegh! I was super casual for work today, which is pretty typical for Fridays. Usually I put a bit more effort though!

Polo: Vineyard Vines
Jeans: ATL
Shoes: Sperry Top Siders
Headband: J Crew

We went out to dinner with friends tonight, so here is my Friday night outfit!

Cardigan: Talbots outlet (just bought today!)
Shirt: Mossimo, via Target
Skirt: ATL
Shoes: Naturalizer

Close up of my jewelry. Both pieces from Premier.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 6.17

Good thing I took this picture before I left for work! It was monsooning on my way home! Soaked does not make for a good picture!

Dress: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Premier

Close up of my shoes. Nail Polish is OPI My Chihuahua Bites!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 6.16

Jeans day again! I'm not going to lie--I've been pretty lazy lately. I've got a stack of laundry to iron, which I will get to this weekend.

Shirt: JKLA, via Ross
Cardigan: Bealls
Jeans: ATL (their petite jeans really work with me!)
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Premier

Close up of my necklace

I love the paisley design on my shirt!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 6.15

The work day after vacation is never fun. I decided to take advantage of our casual day for a $1 program and wear jeans today! Made the day a little more bearable!

You will also notice I'm taking my own picture today. Typically, J would take my pic after work. However he heat really does a number on my outfit during the day! So after I finally found my own camera, I decided to take my own pics before I leave work in the AM.

Cardigan: Gap
Ruffle Top: Spence, via Marshalls
Jeans: ATL outlet
Shoes: Michele D, via Dillards (currently on sale for super cheap!)

Write up on vacation coming soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Friends

The oppressive heat makes for bad pictures! So taking a little side trip to a non-fashion related topic....

When I moved back to FL, I was fortunate that a lot of my friends from college were still in town. It was easy to pick back up where we left off. Three friends in particular served as my "husbands" and I'm very lucky to still have them in my life.

I was extra fortunate as well that J's friends readily accepted me. For a long time, I was the only woman that came out on their Wednesday weekly outings. As the dynamics of life change, the women in our friends lives came out on Wednesday nights. Sounds cheesy but all 8 of us get along great. We've spent many NYE's together--celebrated birthdays, engagements (including me and J's!) and promotions. Drowned our sorrows together when things got bad. For almost five years, some combination of our group has gone out on Wednesdays. We've invited other friends from work, college etc to hang out also. It has been and continues to be a wonderful tradition!

Last night, we actually did a Guys night and a Girls night. Love the guys, but it was fun to share time with great girlfriends. Wine, food, and wedding photographer websites (one of us is engaged!) make for a great Wednesday evening. However, looking forward to the group going out again next week.

So here's to all our friends--past, present and future--IRL and of the blogging/twitter variety :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday 6.7

On Saturday, we had J's 30th birthday party! We rented a private room in one of our favorite wine bars. Around 25 people attended and we enjoyed good food and great company! Pics coming soon..I hope there are some pics of me in the yellow dress!

On Sunday, I recovered! Enough said :)

Back to the grind!

Dress: Merona, Target
Cami: Gap outlet
Necklace: Triple strand Coral, Premier
Shoes: Naturalizer

I'm holding a book that we are giving to a good friend for his birthday. I love PostSecret!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Andie, of What Andie Wears, bestowed this lovely honor upon me! Andie and I have been blogging friends for a few years now. She is a wonderful spirit and I always love seeing what delightful looks she puts together! She is a wonderful photographer also!

With this award, I'm supposed to share 10 random facts about myself. Hope you enjoy!

1. I love watching sports, including golf (my favorite golfer is Sean O'Hair, football (pro and college), baseball (Go White Sox!), and men's tennis (Federer, Nadal, Roddick).

2. I worked at Disney one summer during college just so I could get into the parks for free!

3. If I could live anywhere, it would be Vancouver.

4. Music from my jr. high and high school days instantly put me in a good mood. Gin Blossoms, Toad the Wet Sprocket, DMB, Boyz II Men....

5. I once ate corned beef hash at 5 consecutive Sunday brunches at 5 different Chicago breakfast places so I could pick my favorite place to get Corned Beef Hash. The winner? Tweet !!

6. Coffee gives me much pleasure. Favorite coffee company is Intelligentsia. We can finally buy the beans here in NE Florida!!

7. I collect cookbooks and love reading them. But I still go to the internet to search for recipes first! Go Figure.

8. I moved to Chicago and ended up falling in love with someone in my hometown.

9. J and I are guaranteed to laugh if the following shows are on: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Community

10. Summertime to me means daily thunderstorms, golf on sundays, amazing produce from our farmers market and my parents garden, and steamed blue crabs!

I hereby nominate the following lovelies for this award!

Lola at Lola Looks

Bianca at Deals for the short and Curvy

Lesli at Pretty Random Thoughts

Cynthia at Closet Bliss


K at Excavating K's Closet

Shoe diet, stat!

J and I both love shoes. His most recent purchase was a stylish pair of John Varvatos casual loafers. He also favors his Sperry Top Siders (blue canvas and brown leather). Where J tends to buy classic, higher end shoes, I am a girl of the Target, Discount store variety! One brand I have become reacquainted with is Naturalizer. I bought the Visitor style a few weeks ago. Most recently, I ordered these. I received an email about a one day 20% of all sale items promotion on Naturalizer's website. I also had a coupon code that took $10 off my total!

Aren't they cute?!!

When I was in our closet yesterday, I realized that my shoes can't even all fit on my shoe rack anymore! Definitely a clue that I need to go on a shoe diet, stat!

Trying to make these shoes plus the new sandals I bought from Target to be the last shoes I buy for a while! Wish me lots of luck on this one!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

For you Target fans!

In my last issue of Real Simple magazine, the Target ad had a 20% off discount card on any Merona item: accessory, apparel or shoes. There was also a discount code, which can be used multiple times until July 15th! The code is: MRNADSRS. I just ordered the below shoes, which were on sale for 14.99 + 20% off with the code! Score!!!

Since I am a prep on a budget, these Jack Rogers-inspired sandals work just fine for me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging Break

I will not have any posts for a few more days. I've developed a sinus infection. Boo! So I'm in bed, waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. See you once I'm out of the funk! I have to be better by Saturday as that is J's 30th birthday party!!