Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Friends

The oppressive heat makes for bad pictures! So taking a little side trip to a non-fashion related topic....

When I moved back to FL, I was fortunate that a lot of my friends from college were still in town. It was easy to pick back up where we left off. Three friends in particular served as my "husbands" and I'm very lucky to still have them in my life.

I was extra fortunate as well that J's friends readily accepted me. For a long time, I was the only woman that came out on their Wednesday weekly outings. As the dynamics of life change, the women in our friends lives came out on Wednesday nights. Sounds cheesy but all 8 of us get along great. We've spent many NYE's together--celebrated birthdays, engagements (including me and J's!) and promotions. Drowned our sorrows together when things got bad. For almost five years, some combination of our group has gone out on Wednesdays. We've invited other friends from work, college etc to hang out also. It has been and continues to be a wonderful tradition!

Last night, we actually did a Guys night and a Girls night. Love the guys, but it was fun to share time with great girlfriends. Wine, food, and wedding photographer websites (one of us is engaged!) make for a great Wednesday evening. However, looking forward to the group going out again next week.

So here's to all our friends--past, present and future--IRL and of the blogging/twitter variety :)

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  1. I am going to the beach in gulfport tomorrow with some girlfriends while our hubbs' go fishing and such! So true! :)