Natalie was born in Virginia, but has called Florida home since age 5. After finishing graduate school, she moved to Chicago in April 2005. To chronicle what it was like to be a Southern girl in the big city, she started her first blog in December 2005. Her blog was called Tales of a Southern Gal and is still active here. She would blog about random topics like how to stretch a dime and still be fabulous (easier than you think) and vignettes about city life.

While living in Chicago, she met her now-husband Jeff. They met through work. The kicker? He was in Florida, in the city that Natalie had previously lived. Of course, Natalie would have to move away to meet someone from home. After meeting during Natalie's visit home, they started dating long distance. Tired of long distance dating, Natalie decided to move back to Florida in December 2006.

Since Tales of a Southern Gal was primarily about being a transplant in Chicago, Natalie wasn't sure what direction she wanted to blog to take. The blog posts slowly dwindled. Life changes were happening. Jeff and Natalie were engaged in April 2007 and were married in April 2008. Natalie started using Twitter the same month of the wedding!

In April 2010, Natalie and Jeff decided to start a blog together and named it Two Preps in a Pod. It quickly became an "Outfit of the Day" blog. Primarily, Natalie would post and include pictures of their OOTD's. As the months wore on, Natalie would forget to take pictures of Jeff's outfit before he left for work. Thus, Two Preps in a Pod became a chronicle of Natalie's outfits, to hopefully prevent too many repeats.

In May 2011, Truffle joined their family. He is a Lab/Chow/Shepherd mix. Aside from bringing much more love and fun to the family, he was a good luck charm. In November 2011, Jeff and Natalie found out they were expecting their first child, due in July 2012.

Jack was born on July 17, 2012. Natalie promises to not post a million pictures of him.

Two Preps in a Pod is a mix of budget fashion, successful recipes, not so successful recipes, cute baby pictures and a splash of travel. Thanks for stopping by!

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