Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unintentional Hiatus and OOTD from 6.27

We've spent the past nine days house sitting for my in-laws and their dog. I wasn't taking any OOTD pics hence no blog posts. We're back home now and I hope to get into the swing of things again! Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks.

One of my best friends came to visit me from Chicago. Here is our view from one of the fun beachside bars in my town!

I had a tweet-up with some friends last Saturday. Two of them are girls I've met before. One of them was someone I was meeting for the first time. We laughed A LOT during this lunch!! It was loads of fun!

OOTD from 6.27

I bet you are shocked! I never wear suits! I had an interview for a promotion at work. I love what I do now so I will be okay not to get it :) Also please excuse all the bags...J and I cleaned our closet! We've got a bunch of bags to take to Goodwill.

Suit: Borrowed from sister. Worthington, JC Penney
Top: Ross
Shoes: Tory Burch

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday 6.15

I stopped by Ross recently and picked up this cute little dress. I like that it has sleeves as it eliminates the need for a cardigan in the office. Also you'll notice I'm wearing very casual sandals. I hurt my big toe over Memorial Day Weekend. Luckily it was just bruised and sore--nothing was broken! However, wearing regular shoes hurts. I'm hoping it will be better next week as I miss my shoes!! Wearing flip flops and casual sandals to work has been fun, but it's time to get back into a normal shoe before I forget how to walk in them!

Dress: Ross ($14.99!!)
Sandals: Ross (from last summer)
Watch: NY&Co
Necklace: Gift from Tricia!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday 6.3 through Sunday 6.5 - OOTDs from Charleston

J and I just returned from a long weekend in Charleston. I hesitate to blog about the details of the trip since this is an OOTD blog. However we did take pics of some of our outfits for our OOTD posts!

Friday, June 3rd - Dinner at FIG

On me...

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Bonannos

On J...

Shirt/Pants: J Crew
Shoes: Bass

Saturday...Opps I forgot to take OOTD pics!

Sunday 6.5

Brunch outfits - We had brunch at Virginia's on King.

Polo: Old Nacy
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes: Bonannos

Shirt/Shorts: J Crew
Shoes: Sperry

Sunday Dinner outfits - We had dinner at Cypress, after meeting up with some Twitter gals!

Dress: Bealls
Sandals: Carlos Santana via Ross

Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Brooks Brothers
Shoes: Bass

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Discount Store Feature: TJ Maxx

I've only been shopping at TJ Maxx regularly in the past 2 years. I changed jobs around that time. Down the street from my office was a TJ Maxx! That coupled with a 1 hour lunch break made for lots of lunchtime shopping. There are times I walk into TJ Maxx and walk out within minutes. Maybe I didn't see anything that jumped out at me? More likely, I didn't have the patience to look!

I have found a little bit of everything at TJ Maxx. I've bought household decor, bedsheets, baby gifts, clothes, shoes and more. In my experience, TJ Maxx excels the most in the shoe and paper goods section. For paper goods, I've purchased Lilly Pulitzer stationery, Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, Martha Stewart crafting supplies, giftbags, wrapping paper, etc etc. One of my favorite finds in the papergoods area were these Lilly Placecards:

Well, don't think I'm going to mention shoes without posting some picture?! Here is a shot of some of my favorite finds from TJ Maxx!

My Ross Dress for Less post brought out some 1st time commenters! Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about some of your great TJ Maxx finds!