Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Discount Store Feature: TJ Maxx

I've only been shopping at TJ Maxx regularly in the past 2 years. I changed jobs around that time. Down the street from my office was a TJ Maxx! That coupled with a 1 hour lunch break made for lots of lunchtime shopping. There are times I walk into TJ Maxx and walk out within minutes. Maybe I didn't see anything that jumped out at me? More likely, I didn't have the patience to look!

I have found a little bit of everything at TJ Maxx. I've bought household decor, bedsheets, baby gifts, clothes, shoes and more. In my experience, TJ Maxx excels the most in the shoe and paper goods section. For paper goods, I've purchased Lilly Pulitzer stationery, Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, Martha Stewart crafting supplies, giftbags, wrapping paper, etc etc. One of my favorite finds in the papergoods area were these Lilly Placecards:

Well, don't think I'm going to mention shoes without posting some picture?! Here is a shot of some of my favorite finds from TJ Maxx!

My Ross Dress for Less post brought out some 1st time commenters! Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about some of your great TJ Maxx finds!


  1. I've had less luck with clothes at TJ Maxx but they are great for housewares, books, paper products, and little gift items (one of my favorites when I don't know what to give someone is an embellished notebook, they always seem to have these here).

  2. I find great dresses and great shoes at TJ Maxx - and the occasional top steal on the clearance rack! I have a TJ Maxx five minutes away from my house. A blessing and a curse.

  3. ya know, I am a totally discount shopper all the way. 99.9% of my clothes come from ebay, ross, and TJ, or some online sale. seriously. It takes a bit of searching, and serious talent, but it is so worth it! Great finds!

    -Heather from