Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Discount Store Feature: Ross Dress for Less

My love affair with Ross began when I was a freshman in college. I would go to Ross to purchase babydoll tees with cartoon characters on them. Don't judge, it was the mid 1990's, after all! When I moved back to Jacksonville, we didn't have any Ross locations nearby. I never saw them in Chicago either. Luckily, we finally got our own locations! So my love affair was reignited.

I've bought all sorts of items at Ross. From kitchen supplies to pillowcases to shoes, Ross has a little bit of everything. However, I think they really shine in their dress department. I've seen everything from Maggy London to Calvin Klein. I've also discovered many department store brands like In Studio, Tiana B and more. The prices are typically between $14.99 to $39.99, however I must admit that you'll find me more in the $14.99 range.

I pulled together some of my favorite dress finds from Ross. These aren't all of them! I have a wonderful black and white Calvin Klein dress that I wore to a wedding last month. I didn't take a good picture though.

I know that Sarah at Classroom Chic and Taylor of It's My Cardi share my love of Ross. What about you?


  1. We don't have a Ross around here, but I make sure to visit them when I vacation in Las Vegas and other places with them. Locally we do have Burlington Coat Factory which is somewhat similar and I always score a ton of great stuff there!

    All of those dresses look fab!

  2. Ross is my favorite store, especially for shoes!Great dresses~~

  3. We didn't even get a Ross locally until about 2005. I remember going to them in Florida (my grandparents lived in Naples) when I was a teen... particularly buying a pair of red cord OP shorts, haha. 1996 in the house. I love Ross! This is such a great idea; I need to put together my post this weekend.

    Oh, and all the dresses are great but I LOVE the one in the middle! So cute on you.

  4. Wow, what great finds! I need to stop by Ross again soon - that black and white dress is so chic :)

  5. I love Ross for clothes and accessories. I can almost always find something there I need to get. Pro tip: check out Ross stores in different areas, because the quality varies widely. The one that's closest to me is often a mess and has a weird selection sometimes. But there's one about 30 minutes west of me (in a huge shopping center in the middle of nowhere) that is always clean and organized and seems to have better quality stuff. Not sure if it's the demographics of the area that they get different stock, or just that there's fewer shoppers out there messing things up and taking the good stuff.

  6. I have only been in Ross and handful of times and I never have the great luck you seem to have. I know you need to keep going back but the store is very cluttered and disorganized. I will try them again this summer and see if things have changed. So glad you have found some great items and incredibled deals. Keep shopping!