Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 6.15

The work day after vacation is never fun. I decided to take advantage of our casual day for a $1 program and wear jeans today! Made the day a little more bearable!

You will also notice I'm taking my own picture today. Typically, J would take my pic after work. However he heat really does a number on my outfit during the day! So after I finally found my own camera, I decided to take my own pics before I leave work in the AM.

Cardigan: Gap
Ruffle Top: Spence, via Marshalls
Jeans: ATL outlet
Shoes: Michele D, via Dillards (currently on sale for super cheap!)

Write up on vacation coming soon!

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  1. Yo8u look very cute today. Love the ruffles on the top. I hear you about the heat. As soon as we walk outside the makeup starts to drip and the hair starts to frizz. Have a great day!