Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday 6.30

Opps, I really need to clean this mirror! Also, I think I should get a gorilla pod or something to help mount my camera, so I can stop with the mirror pics!

Anyway, I really like this deep aqua color. It is darker than teal, however I may wear this when I root for the Jaguars in the fall! All I need is some Jaguar animal print...

Cardi: Bealls
Shirt: Mossimo, via Target
Capris: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Anne Klein, via TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Premier
Earrings: World Market

Also the WM earrings are too big on me! I kept getting my earrings caught in my phone, sweater, shoulder etc! I think I'm going to take a few of the adornments off to make them smaller. Nothing a pair of little pliers can't fix!!


  1. I looove that color! Beautiful!

  2. Also a fan of the sweater :o) And your shoes look cute.

    re: the Gorilla Pod, I have one (well, a knock-off), and it's sort of annoying. I don't have anything the right size and height to wrap the legs around, so I end up just standing it up like a tripod on a shelf or the top of a cabinet to do my pictures. I wish I had a normal, tall tripod I could put anywhere, then I wouldn't have to do all my shots in my messy office.

  3. you should set your camera on a countertop or something and use the self timer! that's what I do every day! LOL