Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shoe diet, stat!

J and I both love shoes. His most recent purchase was a stylish pair of John Varvatos casual loafers. He also favors his Sperry Top Siders (blue canvas and brown leather). Where J tends to buy classic, higher end shoes, I am a girl of the Target, Discount store variety! One brand I have become reacquainted with is Naturalizer. I bought the Visitor style a few weeks ago. Most recently, I ordered these. I received an email about a one day 20% of all sale items promotion on Naturalizer's website. I also had a coupon code that took $10 off my total!

Aren't they cute?!!

When I was in our closet yesterday, I realized that my shoes can't even all fit on my shoe rack anymore! Definitely a clue that I need to go on a shoe diet, stat!

Trying to make these shoes plus the new sandals I bought from Target to be the last shoes I buy for a while! Wish me lots of luck on this one!

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  1. Oh, I love those! You will be able to wear them with so much. Good choice! This is an appropriate post for me to read right now - I just came downstairs from purging my shoes... I went from an overflowing four storage tubs to THREE AND A HALF storage tubs! Hahaha.