Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday 1.2

J and I are having lunch with my parents today. Otherwise, it will be a low key Sunday! Here is what I'm wearing today...

Dress: Ross
Shoes: Calvin Klein Mckenzie flats in Honeycomb Black, purchased at Belk at 75% off!!
Necklace: Gift from J
Headband: Boutique in Cambridge that I can't remember the name :(

Close ups...

Story on this necklace. This is the second time J has bought me this necklace. The first time was my 28th birthday (eeeep, seems so long ago!). He came up to Chicago to visit me and gave me this lovely necklace! Fast forward two years later, I lose this necklace. No clue where it went! I was MORTIFIED. J was cool about it of course. He knew how much I missed the necklace, so he bought me another one :) I promise to be more responsible this time!!!


  1. LOVE this dress!! Very pretty necklace - how sweet of him to buy you a new one!

    Classroom Chic

  2. I love this dress, and the whole outfit! Very classy :o)

  3. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for your nice words! Def yea for RL, totally agree! I love your headband and dress in this post, so, so cute!!