Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Old Navy Maternity

Old Navy Maternity

Old navy maternity
$27 -

Old navy
$18 -

Old navy maternity
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Old navy maternity
$10 -

I received my first Old Navy Maternity order today. I was most excited about the skinny jeans, as the maternity jeans I bought from Destination Maternity were wider in the leg than I wanted. However the jeans were a total BUST. They were extremely generous in the leg. Perhaps my legs are going to get huge? Regardless, I bought these jeans to wear now, not later in my pregnancy. So back to the store they go.

The tank and shirts were all pretty big on me. I ordered a Large, which was my pre-pregnancy size. However, they were all huge on me. I'm not returning them as I can see wearing these in the spring and early summer. Perhaps I'll fill them out later.

Would I order from Old Navy Maternity again? Maybe dresses, but definitely not their skinny jeans!

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. Items were bought with my own money and doubt that ON will even see this post!**


  1. Their clothes do run big! It's unfortunate that the stores don't have a bigger selection of maternity wear.
    I love your OOTD posts :)

  2. I found that the maternity stuff was big at first but got tighter as time went on- but I also only bought dresses from them for maternity.

    I still have a box of stuff to send to you. I just haven't had a chance to stop in at the post office. Perhaps I'll do that today. Message me your address again since I don't have my address book with me but I have the box of clothes in my trunk!