Friday, April 6, 2012

Fur Baby Friday

This is my second time participating in Fur Baby Friday!

As I mentioned before, Truffle is a rescue dog. His first mom adopted him from a Central Florida rescue organization when he was around 9 weeks old ( I think). When she got pregnant, she decided to give him away to a family that could provide a little better for him, which is when he joined our family.

As I have grown in pregnancy, I've noticed that Truffle has started to get more clingy. He follows me to the bathroom and waits by the door until I come out. He will follow me around the house too. I think that he may be afraid of having to leave again based on what happened before.

Of course, this is NOT an option. Truffle is a member of our family and will continue to be so after our baby is born. We know things will change but we are 100% dedicated to Truffle. We have been showering Truffle with attention whenever we can. The nursery used to be Truffle's room. He is definitely noticing the transition! However he has been enjoying his crate as we wanted him to have a place of his own.

Any tips on helping Truffle as we prepare for our baby's arrival?


  1. I don't have any tips, but I would love to hear what people say about this issue as I fear when we have kids I am going to have the same problem. Love that you linked up with this!

  2. I haven't done this myself, but I have read that you might want to cut down on the attention and lap time if he's a lap dog, so its not a super abrupt change. Also one of those cds of babies crying might help him get used to the sound.

    1. Thanks for commenting! He isn't a lap dog luckily. He is spending more time in his crate (by his choice). but when he comes out, we are all over him lol. But what you say makes sense!

  3. Get J to bring a blanket home from the hospital with baby J's scent on it before he gets home. We didn't have to go through this since Scruffy passed away a month or so before Andrew was born, but I was just hoping for the best!

    Then we got Crazy Maggie after we had Andrew so we have pretty much done everything different with her that we did with Scruffy. She's not allowed on the furniture, she sleeps in the crate, etc. LOL

    Good luck!