Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anthony Bourdain

J and I are big fans of Anthony Bourdain. When I heard he was going on tour, I figured there was no chance that he'd come to Jacksonville. I was pleasantly surprised to find out we were one of the stops! I was even more surprised to discover there was a VIP reception. I lucked out and was able to purchase VIP tickets.

Anthony Bourdain is as entertaining in person as he is on television. He shared stories of how "No Reservations" was created; how his life has changed since becoming a dad; and of course, Paula Deen. There was no censor, which was definitely entertaining as well!

The reception was terrific! We got a chance to talk one on one with Tony. I shared with him that one of my "tweeps" suggested that I show up naked. He laughed :) J talked with him about "Treme" and "The Wire".

I highly recommend seeing Anthony Bourdain live if you are a fan!


  1. I love that you got to meet Anthony Bourdain! I loved No Reservations and now I am curious about what he had to say, especially about Paula Deen haha.

    Also, I didn't know you & J are fans of Treme! I always thought I was the only person that watched it. We must chat about it. Also, I'm curious about what he had to say about it!

  2. I think my J and your J would get along so much--my J has watched The Wire like 3 times, haha. Treme is a great show...and of course love the foodie aspects!

  3. I think your J and my J would get along--he's watched The Wire like 3 times through, haha. Treme is a great show too- love all the foodie parts!