Friday, November 1, 2013

Fiscal Friday: Perception

Most days, I think I am a fairly confident person, unencumbered by others' opinions of me. However, there are days where I completely disappoint myself.

Wait, isn't this supposed to be a "Fiscal Friday" post?

It is. I promise! Just hang for a minute.

While on a business trip, my coworker and I went to Nordstrom. Somehow, we found ourselves in the Prada boutique. Then someone who sounded just like me, proceeded to inquire about the cost of a Prada bag. Not only did I  the person who looked and sounded just like me inquire, but also walked around with the bag. What did I (let's be real here) do, but pretend what it would be like to carry an expensive bag. Then I started telling some cockaninny story that maybe I would ask my husband to buy it for me.


Who was this person saying this crazy business to the Prada salesperson?

I know me. The real me. The one who wouldn't ask for that because it isn't fiscally responsible. The one who knows that would pay for several months of pre-school.

But the words were falling out of my mouth at a rapid pace. For some reason, it MATTERED to me that the salesperson and my co-worker would even remotely think that this bag would be a viable option. Their perception of me mattered.

And that, my friends, is why being fiscally responsible will always be at the forefront for me. Becoming complacent may mean I'm one glass of champagne away from a big and unnecessary purchase. Because when I least expect it, someone else's perception of me may be the reason why I say "yes" to the Prada.

Have you ever felt the need to spend for this reason? Join in on the conversation by commenting or using the hash tag #fiscalresponsibility on Twitter.


  1. Are you in my head? Or watching me? Because this could have easily been written about me. I have fallen victim to the Perception Purchase more times than I care to admit. It's embarrassing. I'm getting better at it, but it's still hard sometimes, especially when I feel like so many people talk about their new "treats" and purchases like I talk about buying a bottle of water (which, for the record, $1.29 for a bottle of WATER is ridiculous). I love this post so, SO much.

  2. That absolutely happens to me. It's hard sometimes to deal with what that other person is thinking, even though the person selling you the handbag couldn't afford it either. Crazy!
    xoxo - Natalie

  3. I want to confess something. I have purchased pieces of Lilly etc, not because I wanted it or even because someone in my small town would know what it is, but because I would be able to say I owned it. Ugh. Gross right?! And....makes me feel like a TOTAL IDIOT when I come to my sense and realize what I've done.