Sunday, March 2, 2014

You get what you give

I had a busy weekend as it was our Junior League's Whale of a Sale weekend! While in line for food at the preview party, I was chatting with a fellow provisional and a prospective member/her friend. Her friend asked us how we liked Junior League. Both of us really enjoy it. But my fellow provisional nailed it on the head when she said "You get what you put into it."

As a provisional, we have certain requirements as it pertains to meetings, classes, donation quota, and dues. Technically we aren't required to participate in the community volunteer activities. However, the big reason I joined was to volunteer. In my previous job, I had lots of opportunities for community volunteer events. When I left, I didn't realize I would miss that so much.

I participated in a couple of volunteer events over the past few months. One was at a facility for foster children. The other was at the Symphony, helping introduce children to musical instruments. I really feel those opportunities have been the best for connecting with other League members. Aside from the great feeling volunteering brings, the social interaction is an added bonus. 

Volunteering at our Whale sale was also a lot of fun! I paired up with an awesome Active member and we rocked out the credit card line. Again, it was fun to help and interact with great people. 

So, I knew I had been enjoying Junior League. But this weekend really sealed it for me!

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