Monday, April 14, 2014

Did you have a nice weekend?

Every Monday morning, my co-workers and I will ask each other the same question:
Did you have a nice weekend?
I work in an exceedingly polite place. I usually answer this question without thinking by automatically saying “yes”. Because I feel they are just asking to be polite, much like I would.
However, I contemplated what to say in regards to this past weekend. It was such a mixed bag.
The bad:
  • J had to work around six hours on both Saturday and Sunday thus, he missed going to the zoo with us.
  • Jack did not nap on Saturday. He was obviously tired, but was in a fighting mood to stay up.
  • Jack woke up around 11 that evening, crying in his sleep every 20 or so minutes for about an hour.

The good:
  • Jack and I had fun with bubble blowing and water table splashing (until he threw a cup in my face anyways!)
  • On Saturday, we went to a friends’ house for Masters happy hour while the kids played in the backyard.
  • Drama free visit to the Zoo and good times with friends
  • We ate pimento cheese sandwiches on Masters Sunday while hanging out with friends.
  • Jack went to sleep before Game of Thrones came on. We actually got to watch GoT and Mad Men live (without falling asleep!).

Even though working on the weekend really stinks and I wish J could have been with us at the Zoo, we still had some fun.
So, to answer the question: It was a nice weekend!

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