Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Well, we survived 2 meals on Thanksgiving! It was a busy day, but fun to see so many loved ones in one day. Luckily our families live close by so we never have to drive far or fly to visit.

On Friday, J hung out with his friend C. They hit up the new tap room at Intuition Ale. J got one of his Christmas presents from me early, as I bought him a membership to Intuition Ale's Mug Club. Pretty unique present, in my opinion! They also played video game and generally did the whole male bonding thing! I headed up to Savannah for the day with C's girlfriend, KT. We had lunch at Mrs. Wilkes, which was the best Southern food I've never had. It was completely worth the line!! After lunch, we walked around some of the squares and shopped around the historic district. Some of the places we visited included:

One Fish Two Fish , which is next door to Mrs. Wilkes. Loved the seaside themed decor. I especially loved the etched wine glasses, with designs such as a starfish and compass. They also sold Sailcloth bags, which Kate of Nautical by Nature would have loved!

DC2 Design Interior and Cafe - a fun, modern Marie Antoinette meets Southern traditions style store. Not everything would be my style, per se, however you can't help but be inspired by the style!

The Paris Market - Another fun place for style inspiration and shopping! I wish I had taken a picture of the amazing holiday decor. This place is a must see for any gal who has an affection for French design.

On Saturday, I visited with my parents. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I visit my parents every Saturday morning (unless we are out of town). My dad got really sick a few years ago and while he is better now, I make sure to see him and my mom as much as I can. It was been really great. On this particular Saturday, I danced with my dad to the oldies station. Yup, love them!! J and I had plans to go out with friends Saturday night, but I was feeling really worn out. I opted to stay home and finally watched Sex and the City 2. Well, it was silly in parts, serious in others. Glad I saw it but don't think it's one I need to own.

So here we are on Sunday. J is making pizza (yum!) and I plan to test out a rugelach recipe for my cookie party in a few weeks. I may decorate our tree too! It's finally chilly in Northeast Florida, so maybe it is time :)

Happy Sunday :)


  1. Those stores look amazing! We don't have anything neat like that here. Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  2. The Paris Market is hands down my fave shop in Savannah! :D