Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Happenings

This holiday season is shaping up to be very busy! Between a trip to see our niece dance in the Nutcracker to my 2nd annual cookie party to an Eve of Eve dinner etc, I have been VERY slack about taking OOTD pics. Aside from some random pics, I can confidently say that OOTD's are on hiatus until the New Year.

I do want to share a fun outing I had with a good friend this past weekend. She lives near Amelia Island, so we took in the Amelia Island Holiday Home Tour. We toured 4 private homes, which were all gorgeous (of course). There was a mix of traditional and modern holiday decor. One of my favorite rooms was a dining room, decked out in black, white and plum with silver ornaments and white feathers. So crazy, but loved it. I also became obsessed with these wreaths that looked like they were made of small green leaves. I have been googling like a fool to try to find them! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures in the homes.

After the home tour, we had a Victorian tea at The Bailey House, which used to be an inn. About 5 years ago, it was converted to a private residence. It is a quite impressive Victorian home. We had a delightful time at high tea, complete with the sweetest volunteers waiting on us. These ladies were so adorable! I would adopt all of them to be my grandma!!

Here is a picture of The Bailey House...

After tea, I convinced my friend to find the only store on the Island that sells Lilly and Vineyard Vines. It was the only time I wish I owned a Smartphone! We stopped at the Shoppes at Amelia Island Plantation. Cute stores, but no Lilly. Once I got home, I found The Cloister Collection and the address to it's location in Fernandina Beach (the city on Amelia). Oh well, maybe next time!

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  1. I've never been to Ameilia Island but have always heard fab reviews! Sounds like you had a great tour:). Re: My cookie exchange recipes, each guest will re dive 6 cookies in my containers. That's always a good number. If there are ten guests, everyone takes home 60 COOKIES!