Friday, June 29, 2012

Work in Progress: Digital To-Do Lists

Like many of you, I love a good to-do list! I like a visual representation of what I need to complete. Now that I'm on leave, I also like a list to help me be productive during this critical (QUIET) pre-baby time! Finally, I love to cross items off my list.

However, I'm working towards using digital resources to manage my daily tasks. This is keeping in line with my previous post on Digital Home Management. This week, I tried using the spreadsheet function within Google Drive. It has worked well so far. I love that I can color code my tasks by type. I also love that I can insert links within the spreadsheet! Here is a glimpse of my list!

Instead of crossing items off my list, I change the color. So far, it feels just as satisfying!

How do you keep your to-do lists?


  1. Color-coded is my crack. I can't function unless I'm crazy organized - it's probably really annoying to most people. I haven't made the full leap to digital organization yet. While I do use Google calendar, tasks, and drive, I just can't part with my hard copy agenda. Old habits die hard.

    1. I still use a hard copy agenda! So definitely not 100%. In fact, I just got a new LP one starting in Aug.