Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rooster Update

Remember this guy?

He showed up at my in-laws at the beginning of April. And he never left. He was adopted by their cul de sac. Neighbors left food out for him. My in-laws named him Brew Roo. He was friendly--even eating chicken feed out of my mother-in-law's hand.

On Monday, my father-in-law reported that he had not heard Brew Roo crow since Sunday. He feared that foxes had gotten to him. On Tuesday, his neighbors went on the hunt and unfortunately found him about a quarter mile away, an apparent victim of a hit and run. A kind utility man helped them place Brew Roo in a box and added flowers on top. THEN he said a few words in memoriam! The neighbors brought Brew Roo back to the cul de sac. The utility guy stopped by the neighborhood and asked if could dig the hole for his burial. He was buried under an oak tree, next to the pond by my in laws' house. He was truly kind.

At 8pm that evening, the cul de sac held a memorial for Brew Roo. THIRTY PEOPLE showed. It was amazing! One neighbor even went to Publix to purchase a cake with a rooster. The Publix bakery staff was able to make some adjustments to an existing cat cake and turn it into a rooster. They are awesome.

One of the neighbors is a local morning radio show host. She's been giving regular Rooster updates on the air. This morning, she recounted the whole story. Even though I knew it, it was crazy to hear someone telling it.

While Brew Roo's life was short, he really won the hearts of many. He will not be forgotten.


  1. Oh my word, so sweet!!!!!!!

  2. This is so sweet. I'm sorry for the loss of Brew Roo.

  3. I love seeing a community come together even over the smallest things!!

  4. I'm sorry that Brew Roo's story ended sadly but how wonderful that he brought the community together. Stories like this make me smile because there are still good people out there!

  5. This makes me so sad. IT reminds me of Aflac and her little brood of ducks that started to disappear, one by one a few years ago. I was so attached to those ducks!

    RIP, Brew Roo!