Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 4.30

No outfit pics today :( I woke up uber early to drive 1.5 hours to another office. Then drove home and headed over to my bff/gay boyfriend's house to tag stuff for our yard sale tomorrow! He used to work at Pottery Barn so there are a lot of those items for sale, plus clothes, books, home decor etc. So I'm finally home and look like poo. I'll spare you the trauma :)

However, in positive shopping news: Ann Taylor Loft outlet has put all their spring items on clearance. I scored a khaki skirt, black pencil skirt and slim cute jeans for $70 total. They had tons of cute items. I practiced great restraint, ladies!

Finally, for Andie, I'm posting a few rehearsal dinner/wedding pics from 2 years ago!

Check out my long hair!!

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