Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's been a busy week. We've been at my in-laws, watching their doggie and house. I forgot my camera at home so no OOTD's.

However, I do have some fun stuff to share. I met Tricia of Tricia Loves Makeup on Friday! I hired her to take me make-up shopping and let me tell you, it was awesome! I always struggle with picking out the right products, whether it be right for my skin or the right color. While store associates are typically helpful, I wanted an "independent" opinion. Tricia is just the person for the job! She evaluated what I currently had, which wasn't much. We hit up 3 different shops. While I love all that we got, my favorite was definitely this:

Fluidliner in Macroviolet

I definitely needed help finding a neutral lipstick. I would always end up buying something entirely too light for my skintone. I'm very happy with what Tricia found for me:

Sephora Lip Attitude - Glamour: Color- Natural Rose

Tricia is a lot of fun and very talented. I look forward to hanging out with her again soon!

Aside from my makeup haul, I picked up a new to me shirt from a local consignment store. I also checked out the Talbot's sale. I'm very excited to wear my find:

The color of the denim is lighter than I'm used to. Suggestions on what to wear this with would be appreciated :)


  1. love that skirt!!!

    you can wear it with anything! it's denim!

  2. I never know what make-up to pick out, and as a result I have a ton that I don't use. Heck, I just threw away the lipstick I wore to senior prom 10ish years ago :) Perhaps I shouldn't be admitting that...Anyway, I love that skirt. I have a light denim skirt and I always want to pair it with pale yellow. What about a red shirt with a yellow cardi and brown shoes? Or, you know, anything else. :)