Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Holiday Season

Tomorrow is November 1st. While some would consider Thanksgiving the beginning of the holiday season, I start a little earlier. Now, I'm not putting out my Christmas tree or any other decorations...yet. But I have started by:

(1) Starting Christmas Shopping

(2) Planning my holiday cookie swap party (invitations received, sending out this week!)

(3) Picking a holiday home tour (Pretty sure, it will be the tour in Amelia Island)

All of the above require funds. In order to ensure I have enough to fund these fun activities, I decided to put myself on a shopping diet for the rest of the year. Anyone who reads this blogs knows I love to shop--while it is bargain shopping, it is still shopping!

I've put the following plan in place to help curtail my urge to swipe (my debit card!).

(1) Unsubscribe from blogs that focus on shopping. I'm still reading all the OOTD blogs, as they help me rethink how to remix items in my wardrobe. However, ones that focus on current sales and what they are buying--I'm taking a temporary break.

(2) Unsubscribe from blogs by those who have a way bigger budget than me. Truth: these blogs sometimes make me feel less than..know what I mean? Rather than make myself feel bad that I can't buy (insert lovely but pricey item here), I will focus on other items. Plus eliminating this influence makes it easier to not shop!

(3) Unsubscribe from shopping related emails. This includes: Ruelala, Gilt, Haute, One Kings Lane, 6pm, Old Navy, Gap, Lands End, LL Bean, Vineyard Vines, Shop Style, Ballard Designs Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, AND all my eBay saved searches (Lilly Pulitizer, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic). The less I know about a sale, the better off I will be!

(4) Start a running program (figures it will make me too tired to shop)

(5) No shopping during my lunch break (this is where I did the most damage)

(6) Limit dinners out -- keep it to meeting friends for a drink or other lower costs activities.

I love the holidays! But I don't want to go into debt over it. I plan to buy all presents in cash, which is why I have already started (hurts less when I spread it out).

Are you already thinking about the holidays?


  1. Good for you! Maybe I should take your example and do the same! :)

  2. I love your ideas. May have to use some of them.