Monday, August 13, 2012

Treating myself during pregnancy

If you've been reading this blog for an period of time, you will know that I'm frugal about 90% of the time. However, I do believe in treating myself here and there. A massage at a fancy spa once in a while. Bring it. Here is my last splurge...ordered while I was pregnant when I was having a "treat yourself" moment. Plus, they were purchased during the semi-annual sale at Stephen Bonanno's! The color is winter camel with white whipstitch/monogram. The kind folks at Stephen Bonanno's also included a $25 gift card as my order was delayed by a week or so. They moved their Stuart factory back to West Palm Beach during production time. Fine by me, as I was waiting for my post -pregnant feet to get back to normal size (which they have, yay!)

Also, in my attempts to not make this a baby blog, I'm restricting this post to one baby pic. Here's Jack doing the baby boogie!!


  1. ugh, he is so cute. i wish I could hold him! i'd never give him back. :)

    love the shoes! camel is so classic!

    1. Come on down and you can hold him :)

  2. Preious precious boy!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. You will love your shoes! I think I have the reverse colors (though my stitching is a little lighter.) And baby J is precious as always :)

  4. good for you for spoiling yourself! pregnant or not I think we should do it more often *wink wink* and your little boy is so stinkin cute!!