Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing Truffle to Jack

If you've read this bog previously or follow me on Twitter, you know I'm in LOVE with my dog, Truffle. I've blogged about how he came to join our family as well as his reaction to me bring pregnant. I did some research on how to prepare Truffle for Jack's arrival. I consulted friends with newborns and dogs, talked to vets, and read lots of web resources.

One piece of advice was to give a blanket with Jack's scent to Truffle as soon as possible. Truffle stayed with our in-laws, so we actually sent a sleeping gown that Jack wore on his first night. When my mother in law gave it to Truffle, he was VERY interested in it! He spent a long time sniffing it, brought it to his bed and slept with it.

When we came home a few days later, Truffle was already there. With our moms helping, we came in, put the baby down and took Truffle to our bedroom to shower him with hugs and kisses. We gave him one of Jack's blankets to sniff. Then we went back to the living room and with J holding Jack, we let Truffle sniff him. Truffle was very excited to sniff Jack! We did have to tell him to not jump once or twice. I definitely got a touch nervous. However, Truffle was not exhibiting any signs of aggression. His ears were relaxed and he was smiling. He was not barking either.

So how is Truffle now? He is very protective of Jack. He spends a lot of this time laying right by his Rock and Play or Travel Crib. He sniffs Jack and gives him kisses. If he isn't doing that, he is following me around. He has been barking a lot when visitors come over, even if he knows them. When he does need some time alone, he goes into his crate and hangs out.

I feel his adjustment has been really great. I was prepared for the worst! Glad to know he loves Jack!

See for yourself!


  1. That's so good to read! They look adorable together.

  2. So glad this is going well! I know you were probably anxious about Truffle's reaction.

  3. I love that Truffle is doing so well! Nothing sweeter than the dog being protective over the baby. I've seen a lot of dogs that don't leave the side of the crib at night!

  4. So glad the introduction went smoothly!

  5. I think dogs in general, KNOW how to react to children! :)

    So glad they are doing well. I'm sure that Truffle & Jack will be the best of friends. :)