Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laptop Bento Lunches - Not just for kids!

I had my first Bento box while dining at a tiny Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. They are hard to find here so they remained quite the novelty. Fast forward to last year, when I started reading Smiles Go With Everything. Diana posts a weekly wrap-up of her Bento lunchbox meals. Her meals are so colorful and organized. I also love the idea of reducing waste and portion control. She ordered her Bento from Laptop Lunches.

I shared her blog with J, who really liked the idea for his own lunches. I ordered the Bento Lunchbox 2.0 in Black/Blue as well a set of Bento Buddies.

Here is one of the lunches I have packed. As you can see, I need to work on this!

We are very satisfied with the quality of the Laptop Lunches' Bentos. The tops seal tightly, proved to us when J brought soup to work. The variety of configurations makes this an incredibly flexible way to pack lunches.

To gather inspiration, I've been scouring Pinterest for Bento lunch ideas. What I have found is most Bentos are geared towards children's lunches. While J wouldn't hate a sandwich shaped like a dog, it isn't conducive to his daily lunching needs! Eventually, we'll need these ideas for Jack. But that is at least a year away!

Aside from Diana's blog, here are a few other adult Bento resources.

Bent on Better Lunches - She typically features her kids lunches, however she occasionally posts her on "adult" Bento lunches.

Wendy Copley's Flickr account - A nice mix of family Bento Boxes.

Easy Lunchboxes Photo Gallery - Various Bento ideas for kids and adults!

I highly recommend these Bentos as a fun and creative way to pack your lunch. They will definitely find their way to other family members this Christmas.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. While I plan to tweet this post to Laptop Lunches, they did not ask me to write this.

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  1. I used to pack bento lunches for myself, but it got kind of stressful because I felt obligated to take and post pictures, and make things cute, etc. etc. So I stopped. But I should start again because I have a lot of nice bento supplies!

    One site that I like is Lunch in a Box, which has been kind of dead for a while, but still has lots of good ideas and techniques to make food bento-friendly. Also, some of the bento groups on Flickr are really great places for ideas and inspiration. I like Bento Boxes for food pics, and My Bento Collection for supplies.