Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Drive

When I was growing up, my family loved to take drives together. We would drive down the roads with the stately homes and quaint drawbridges. Sometimes, we'd end up in St. Augustine! We would always listen to the soft pop/60's/70's station. This probably explains my love of Chicago, the Carpenters, and Fleetwood Mac.

This weekend, my little family went on a Sunday drive. We had just finished a walk through a nature preserve near our home. Instead of making the turn to head back home, J drove us all over the beaches. We admired all of the beach homes, picking out our favorites. Jack "read" his books and made animal sounds at his leisure. We listened to the 90's station and had fun reminiscing and singing along. We even found a "new to us" pie shop and Greek restaurant that are now on our list of places to try.

It was low-tech. It was relaxing. It was a Sunday drive.


  1. Sunday Drives are one of life's most wonderful simple pleasures. We used to do this every single Sunday, but as I became an adult and life took over, it isn't something I've continued to do. I need to change that!

    Also, a pie shop? I need a pie shop in my life (although my hips definitely don't!).

  2. I love this. We do this sometimes, but mostly to get Andrew to go to sleep in the car. haha. :) and now I want pie!