Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Suit

J has been getting some fun stuff lately, so I've got more to share on his wardrobe!

This is what he will be wearing to a wedding this Saturday...Are those Gator colors I see?? :)

Also, he got the following card from Brooks Brothers today in the mail...I wonder if this will be a growing trend? Lands End Canvas does this too...

Well , I lied. I do have one fun thing to shoes from the Dillard's clearance center. These are the black patent leather twins to my camel flats.

I'm off tomorrow and can't wait to enjoy being a lady of leisure!


  1. I love that thank you note - I am a huge fan of customer service! Your new shoes are cute!

  2. Looking good in that suit, J!

    I have noticed more and more places are including a hand-written note. It is nice to know that a human being is involved, rather than a robot plucking your items off a shelf and shipping them to you.

  3. ha! and I'm wearing purple & gold today! Geaux Tigers! ;)