Monday, November 26, 2012

November Purchases

November Purchases

November Purchases by natylite78 featuring a wool jacket

I started reading Franish after my bloggy friend Amy at Forever 29 wrote about her budget friendly style. Franish hosts a Budgeting Bloggers linkup and I'm joining in this month!

 I needed to add some items to my wardrobe since I'm going back to work in January. For the first time in forever, I did a lot of eBay shopping. Here's how I did.

1. J Crew Bella Wool Blazer in Grey Herringbone - $ 34.99. I am so excited about this blazer. After some research, I discovered that this blazer in EUC (Excellent Used Condition) was going for $120-$175 on eBay and various blog sale. Looks like this blazer was from 2007 or 2008. Great quality and perfect weight for NE Florida winters.

2. Talbots Sateen Button Front Shirt - $11.99 - This was a bust. It was too tight in the bust (haha). I'll probably consign it at my local store.

3. Talbots Skirt - $8.99 - This will pair well with my black blazer. I love prints on skirts. This is conservative enough for work, but still has a touch of personality.

4. Sofft Black Suede Heels - $15.99 - This was one of my riskier buys as I've never tried on Sofft shoes before! I needed a comfortable heel able to handle lots of walking. It isn't the most stylish or sexy shoe, but it fits like a dream and fills a need!

5. Talbots Polka dot Navy Blouse - $10.00 - I bought this for spring to wear under the green blazer I purchased last month. I think it will also pair well with a few of my cardigans.

6 and 7. Cable and Gauge Twist Top - $14.99 each. Find it online here. I like the visual interest of the twists. The fabric is soft. This will be great under blazers and cardigans as well as on its own.

8. J Crew Reve striped shirt - $12. I already blogged about this top here

9. J Crew Cashmere Purple V Neck Sweater - $18. I've never owned cashmere before so I'm tickled over this find!

Total: $141.94 (does not include tax on Marshall's items as well as shipping)

If I added tax and shipping, I'd be closer to $160. Definitely not a cheap month, however I am proud of the items I found. They fit well into what I have already and will be work appropriate(except the striped shirt) come January.


  1. It looks like you got some work staples/things that go with what you already have. I am always ok with splurging a bit if I know I will wear something a lot and it goes with something I have.

  2. Thank you for linking up and therefor introducing your blog to me! I think you found some great pieces especially for those prices. That blazer is such a steal!

  3. I'm trying to get better about looking for things on ebay...but maybe a little more for the boys, haha. I had one cashmere sweater but decided the fit/color wasn't flattering on my so off it went. Awesome finds!

  4. You did a great job! I love buying things on eBay. It has been a source of great finds for me for several years now, and I don't plan on giving that up! Some of the sellers are just fantastic.

    1. Thanks!! I'm loving eBay more and more :)

  5. you did a fantastic job! I should shop on ebay more! I wish you lived closer so we could go shopping together. :)