Monday, November 12, 2012

What I'm Loving: Baby Sniffles Edition

Jack had his first cold a month ago. Considering J and I both suffer from seasonal allergies, I figured Jack would be the same. The above products are in my mommy arsenal to fight the runny nose.

(1) Saline Drops - I use Target's generic brand of saline drops. They help keep the nasal cavity moist and loosen the hard mucus that may be get stuck up there.

(2) Boogie Wipes - Boogie Wipes are saline wipes. They comes in a variety of scents, but I prefer the non-scented ones. They can be purchased at Target, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. However, I like to order them from as they are Buy 3, Get 1 Free. also has a reward dollar program AND you can use Ebates!

(3) NoseFrida - NoseFrida is an alternative to the traditional syringe bulb. I heard about the NoseFrida from Twitter and cannot say enough good things about it. I love sharing how well it works for us with fellow moms. I love it for 2 big reasons: (1) You control the level of suck. (2) You can see what comes out!

Not pictured is our Rock n Play. Jack has been sleeping in his crib since 6 or 7 weeks old. But when he got a cold, we let him sleep in the RnP to help with the drainage. I definitely think it helped!

Any other products I should know about? 


  1. H has a cold right now and boogie wipes are a lifesaver!!! When he had his first cold we used tissues and there was a lot of irritation/his skin was raw/red. Thankfully I discovered boogie wipes and two years later I haven't looked back!

    The NoseFrida is amazing!! I told my sister to get one and she's so thankful I recommended it!

  2. We would not have survived BG's first year without Boogie Wipes. Man I love those things!