Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I Fight a case of the wants

We all get a case of the "wants" from time to time. Like me, you may covet a handbag that someone blogged about or a shirt that is featured in the latest issue of "In Style". However, like me, you may not be able to instantly satisfy this want. I will try to rationalize with myself. Also, I don't need more stuff!

One way I've found to curb the "wanting" feeling is to reorganize what I have. I periodically weed out my accessories so not to be overwhelmed by the chaos. Sometimes it seems easier to just buy something new instead of figure out what you already have. I blogged about this back in 2010 and thought it was time to revisit.

I recently purchased the bracelet display stand from Michael's. It was $7. I originally wanted an acrylic one but this one will do just fine! I used to think I did not own many bracelets until I put them on all this stand. Yeah, I own enough!

The display tray was purchased 2 years ago at TJ Maxx. They run anywhere from $6 to $8. However, I see them EVERY TIME I'm there so I'm sure you can too! I keep earrings and pins in the tray. I also keep a selection of necklace extenders. I have a FAT neck. Truly. So to keep a lot of necklaces from looking like Blossom esque chokers, I use the necklace extenders. I purchased a set of 6 (3 silver colored/3 gold colored) from eBay for around $5.

I also keep my sewing supplies nearby in case I notice any wardrobe malfunctions that need quick repair.

The necklace "tree" is actually an old ornament stand that I stole took from my parents' garage a few years ago. I always intended to spray is silver, but alas, two years later, I still haven't done it.

My headbands are hanging off a milkglass vase that I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.

Hopefully, by keeping my jewelry in order, I'll resist the urge to buy more.

Funny story, I started this blog post on Monday afternoon. Then Monday night, I was looking at the Bellevue Newport flash sale. I saw a tortoiseshell necklace that  really wanted. So I bid but I was too late. Then I go back to finish this post and realized: Self, You did not need that necklace!!

So there's that. :)


  1. I love your display! You're inspiring me to finally do something with the space I intended to use as a "dressing room"...

  2. I need to take a cue from this and re-organize every time I want to go shopping! LOL