Sunday, August 8, 2010

Organizing my "Bling"

My jewelry was getting a little disorganized, so I spent some time cleaning up and putting it back together. Thought I would share how I store and organize my jewelry!

The brown leather box holds my sunglasses. The crystal bowl holds my hair ties and other hair items. The trays are all from TJ Maxx. You can find them in the section with all the stationery items (random, right?). The bottom tray holds miscellaneous items like rings and broaches. The top tray holds earrings. The small tray holds my bracelets. The necklace "tree" is a repurposed ornament display tree from my mom! I saw it in her garage and asked her if I could have it!

Here are some close-up pictures:

You'll notice a few sets of bracelets on my tree, along with necklaces from Premier, Forever XXI, Liz Clairborne, Stein Mart and Target.

Most of my bracelets, including the Rachel Leigh in the top left, the wooden bracelet, silver bracelet in the bottom middle, and the 2 dainty looking bracelets on the right, were gifted. The gold/white one in the top middle is from Premier. The black and gold bow bracelet is from Forever XXI. The large dragonfly broach was a gift from the "Will" in my life, who brought it back from Montemarte in Paris! He also gifted me the Rachel Leigh bracelet. I'm so lucky to have my own personal accessory shopper!

I love earrings! I purchase my earrings from all sorts of places: Forever XXI, Premier, Stein Mart, World Market, Local Boutiques and thrift stores. The gold lacey earrings towards the left bottom are my favorites!

I would love to hear how you organize your jewelry! I'm very visual and lazy so I need things right in front of me! :)


  1. Nice! I especially like that necklace tree :o) Love seeing how other people organize stuff!

  2. I love seeing how others organize their items! What a great idea to use the ornament tree {money saver}! I really like the colors of the trays.

  3. Love your boxes to store your jewelry. I just purchased tackle boxes from Walmart, I know not very pretty, but they hold a lot. I will have to post them soon on my blog. I need to go back and get more. I have really been collecting jewelry lately. Enjoy your evening!

  4. so cute!!! I have to look for a tree like this :)