Sunday, August 1, 2010

Readers' Challenge!

I mentioned an Ivory dress that I purchased on SUPER sale at Dillards. Regular price $169. Marked down to $50. With an extra 40% off, I purchased for $30. I'm wondering if there would be any way to make this appropriate for after Labor Day. So I thought I would turn to you, dear fashionable readers! Your suggestions would be appreciated!!! Also if you think there is no way to make this work for post Labor Day, let me know that too :)

Close up the great fabric and adorable buttons!


  1. I think it would look great in winter! Maybe with a long sleeved blakc and white print top under, some black hose, and black heels. Or a blazer over with hose and heels. I love black and white but you could do your favorite color combos!

  2. if it is ivory, then you can classify it as "winter white" and wear a turtleneck under it or a sweater under it in the winter with tights.

    Or you would wear something over it and wear it like a skirt!

  3. Wearing white or ivory after Labor Day is more about material than color. As long as it is a "sturdy" fabric you can totally do it. Based on the close-up pic it looks like it is and has a fun embossed print.

    The ivory dress will be a great canvas for all sorts of tops, sweaters and blazers to be layered over and under it.

    Black is always a classic look, but don't forget about all of the great vibrant jewel-tones for fall and accenting with brown.

  4. Black turtleneck, black tights, pumps or flats, and pearls.