Sunday, August 15, 2010

Closet Clean up

Inspired by Tina, of T Minus T Plus, I decided to clean up my our closet this weekend. As I start shopping for fall items, I really needed to assess what I had. Also I am a very visual person, I need to be able to see everything, otherwise I forget I own it! I did not take "before" pictures, as I did not intend to even blog about this. But when I tweeted about it on Twitter, Tina wanted to see some pictures. Thus a blog post is born :)

Here is a view of the upper half of the closet. The top shelf has my boots, purses that I don't use as often and large tote bags. The clothes are organized with dresses on the left, shirts in the middle and cardigan sweaters on the right.

A close up of my dresses.

You can see that on the floor, I have a box full of sandals and flip flops. Some of my smaller purses are hanging on the hanger. Next to that are skirts, then pants, then jeans.

Shoes--my favorite! I know you all appreciate seeing my hot pink fuzzy slippers too!

What you can't see if on the bottom shelf, in the far right corner, sits my sweaters. I also have my jackets hanging in the right hand corner. I probably won't need those till October :(

I still have a closet to-do list, to include:

- More wooden hangers from IKEA so I can change out all the plastic and dry cleaner hangers.
- A basket with my lint roller and other clothes maintenance items

Also, cleaning out my closest reminded me that I need a pair of tall brown riding boots. I had to throw out my favorite (and only!) pair of brown boots as they were falling apart.

Any other closet tips would be appreciated!


  1. Cool! I love seeing how other people organize stuff. Maybe some future day when I clean out my closet (...again...) I will show off as well :o)

    By the way, you obviously have a hanger style that you like and space doesn't seem to be an issue for you, but I have been using the flocked slimline hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond (they actually are better quality than the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers, which I also have), and they don't let anything slip and really do make a difference in how much space things take up.

  2. Great job! I so need to do this but keep putting it off.

  3. LOVE CLOSET PORN! Thanks for Tweeting this so I could come back and enjoy! :)