Monday, February 25, 2013

A Twitter Retrospective

I started tweeting in April 2008, the same month I got married! You are now able to download your Twitter archive. It was quite a hoot to read through old tweets. I picked out a handful for commentary. My comments are italicized.

9-10-2008 Is it bad that couples who dress alike bother me? 

Yes, this still bothers me.

9-20-2009 i heart Nathan Fillion. 

Oh, yes. I still feel this way!

12-30-2009 I'm more Converse Chuck Taylors than Tory Burch Revas. And I'm good with that :) 

An example where I'm a complete hypocrite, as I wear Revas now. 

2-13-2010 why spend so much time trying to be friends with someone who clearly doesn't want to be friends with you? 

Ah yes, I liked to vague tweet even back in 2010. I'm pretty sure I was side-eyeing activity in my timeline where people would tweet others on the regular, begging for attention, with nary a reply to occur.  Come to think of it. I STILL see this!

5-23-2010 I still think Diane Keaton picked wrong in "Somethings Gotta Give". Keanu FTW! 

I still believe this too.

Have you downloaded your Twitter archive? Let me know!


  1. Ha! I love this! I downloaded my archive a couple weeks ago and glanced at it, but haven't really dug in yet. how fun to look back

  2. I have not downloaded my Twitter archive. Maybe I will do it this weekend? I agree about vague tweets. I know I recently stopped following many many people who I would kindly Tweet at and they'd act as though they were better and would never reply. I finally got tired of it and gave up!

  3. Gosh I loved Keanu's character in that movie! I will always choose the doctor!

  4. Did you see Nathan's tweets yesterday (and today)? He asked people to tweet their most embarrassing moments and then he told them what they should have said. Hysterical!