Monday, February 11, 2013

"If it isn't moving, monogram it!"

I love my monogram. Scratch that. I love my married monogram. Thus I became obsessed with monogramming (where appropriate - i.e. Not my car) once I said "I do!". However, my interest in monogramming clashes with my interest in being fiscally responsible. Monogramming isn't cheap!

When I started my new job (love it, by the way!), I wanted to personalize my space. That included incorperating a small monogrammed "something". I don't think a large wooden monogram would work in a professional setting! After perusing Pinterest, I decided I wanted an acrylic monogrammed pencil cup like the one below:

                                                                     Source: via Savannah on Pinterest

This pencil cup costs $11.99 plus shipping, totaling $20. I figured I could make this for less!

Now I use the word "make" very loosely here. Here's what I did.

I found this acrylic pen cup on Amazon for $8.94 plus tax and free shipping, thanks to Amazon Prime.

I decided I wanted a scrolling and interlocking monogram. I found this one on etsy for $2.95 + $1.10 for shipping.

My grand total was $12.99 total including shipping. Even figuring $1 for tax, it was still cheaper. Plus I got the style and color monogram that I wanted!

Here's the end result!

                                                                          Source: Uploaded by user via natylite78 on Pinterest


  1. Love it! I saw this on Pinterest recently and thought it would be a great fix to the company issued grey metal pencil cup I have. I need to hit up Dollar Tree and grab a glass candle holder. Also, luckily I have a Cricut so I do a monogram in vinyl myself. Ooh, it would make a fun V-day gift for some of my girl friends too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love this, Nat!! You did a great job!

  3. LOVE. I have upgraded offices (and I don't hate it) and I need to decorate. Badly. I have one thing on the wall, one lamp, and a picture of my dog. I really want to personalize and I love this idea!

  4. ooh that is too cute! I need to make myself one!

  5. Make me one, haha!!!!!! :) SO cute!!!! :)