Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 2013 Fashion Budget

Feb 2013 Purchases

Feb 2013 Purchases by natylite78 featuring colorful jeans

As you can see, February was about adding to my professional work wardrobe. Now our official dress code is business casual (i.e. suits not required daily), however my department highly encourages jackets worn when attending meeting outside the department. So I've been scouring eBay for jackets and suits (because a suit does make it easier to get dressed in the morning!).

Side note: I find is so hard to find suits that are age appropriate. I am turning 35 next month. Most suits are skewed towards the over 50 group (in my opinion). The suits that are age appropriate are so expensive! I've had luck with Talbots, whose done a good job of appealing to the 30's demographic in recent years.

So here is how I did!

Purchased and Wearing!
1. Old Navy Pop Color Jeans - Obviously NOT for work! - $19
2. Black Ponte Knit Ruched Blazer - This is not the exact one I purchased. I purchased mine from  Ross Dress for Less - $19.

Purchased and Returned

I wanted these dresses to work out so badly! But the fit was just wrong all the way around. Waist too low, chest too big. My body was not meant for them!

Purchased on eBay, not yet received
5. Talbots Khaki Blazer - $0.99 (add $7.50 for shipping)
6. Le Suit Grey Suit - $42.99

My original grand total was $142.46. After I returned the dresses, the total was $89.48.

I would like to add another shirt that will work under suits. I'd also like to add a cardigan or blazer in a spring appropriate color. Wish me luck!


  1. Do you use viggle?? I use my rewards to get work clothes from gap and old navy.

    1. I don't but I need to look into that!

  2. You are so right about younger looking suits being more expensive. One thing I do not miss about an office job!