Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going to the other side...

Last consignment season, I went nuts. I went to almost every sale in Jacksonville. And you know what? Jack didn't even wear half of the clothes! So lesson learned--restraint needs to be practiced. This season, I decided to "go to the other side" and consign some of his items. I had bought several jon-jons via Smocking Hot Mamas and Southern Tots on Facebook. He also had some items with tags still on them! I consigned 14 items in all, including our Snap and Go stroller.

After identifying my items, I registered with WeeTrade to sell. I did not know the first thing about pricing items though! After a little googling research, I used the pricing guide on Consignment Mommies. WeeTrade (like most other consignment sales) had a user friendly website where we could enter our items, print out our tags, sign up for a drop off appointment, and (most importantly) see what was sold!

Side note: I had a heck of a time finding card stock to use for my tags! I ended up buying a multicolor pack from Staples. I could only use white, so I guess I'll have to think of something crafty (ha, who am I kidding?) to do with it.

Anyways, I was nervous on the drop off day! I wondered if my items would "pass muster". Luckily, they did. I was amazed at what other people were dropping off. I had very little. I saw moms with over 100 items to sell! Amazing!

Since we are moving soon (more on that in another post), I decided to skip the shopping and only consign this time around. I just got my check and boy was I pleasantly surprised...


Good thing as we need to put that towards new car seats soon. :)

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