Sunday, March 31, 2013

Date Nights

Our date nights are pretty typical. We'll go out to dinner either alone or with friends. Once in a while, we'll go to a concert (Symphony/Pink Martini/Death Cab for Cutie). However, we've been mixing it up a tad! Food is still central, but the events themselves are mildly less ordinary.

Most recently, we attended a charity dinner that benefited Second Harvest Food Bank. It was a cooking competition with 4 chefs from the Beaches (my part of town) and 4 chefs from the City. Each course was comprised for 2 dishes, one from a chef from each team. Wine pairings were also available. The diners/audience would pick their favorite of each course. Highest number of votes win. The food was delicious from start to finish. We lucked out in being sat at a pretty entertaining table. I even saw my wedding musicians there (how random is that!) It was a great event for a wonderful cause. This was our first charity dinner, so I was actually a tad nervous. Would we be the youngest ones there? Ha, glad my worries were dashed quickly.

Confession: I go gaga for chefs. Sometimes they are ones that I've seen on TV (Hello Chuck Hughes). Sometimes they are James Beard award winning chefs. I'm just in awe of people who create delicious food (my husband included!)

In light of my confession, it comes to no surprised that our next several date nights will feature some well known chefs!

Next month, we are seeing Anthony Bourdain! Before we cancelled cable, we watch "No Reservations" and "The Layover" regularly. J and I both love his love of divey places and appreciation of food culture. So, not only are we going to the show, we are also going to a VIP reception so we will meet him! What to say to Anthony Bourdain?? I'll let you know.

Next month is also our five year anniversary. We are going to Orlando to eat and drink around Winter Park and Downtown. Several restaurants were recognized by the James Beard Foundation  this year, so it is exciting to see Orlando coming into its own in the food world.

This summer, we are attending two different cooking demonstrations (yes, you also get to eat) . First up is The Lee Brothers, who are regulars in Southern Living magazine and have several cookbooks featuring Charleston's finest. In June, we are seeing Kevin Gillespie, who was one of my favorites from Top Chef!

Funny to have date night planned so far in advanced, but I'm looking forward to it all!

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