Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Judgement

Everyone judges. Even the nicest, non-"Mean Girl"person judges. We judge each other on values, clothing choices (our own and our children's), food, drink, friends, marriage, pretty much everything
stationery choices, grammar, etc.

Social media has given us an opportunity to expand the range of our judgement. Not only can we judge people we know in real life, but we can judge people we've never met! We can cast upon our harshest words and sit smugly on our virtual thrones.

You may be thinking...I don't ever do this. Perhaps you don't outwardly, but admit it, deep down. You do this!

As I've read through my Twitter timeline over the past years, I've seen the direct judging, passive aggressive jabs, the #nojudgies but I'm still judging you inside. I'm totally guilty of it too.

But if you are anything like me, you are judging yourself the worst.

I worry that if I post a picture of my son wearing a onesie that says "I Love Mommy," those of you who have said you hate cliched kids clothing will think that I'm a bad Mom.

I worry that if we're not making 100% of our babies food and I mention buying those pouches, you'll think I'm a bad mom.

I worry that because I leave my baby with my in-laws or parents overnight sometimes, so J and I get a date night or sleep, you'll think I'm a bad mom.

Unreasonable? Ridiculous? Absolutely!

But I'm doing it anyways.


  1. Great post! I'm totally judging!

  2. Gosh, haven't we all been there? It sucks. And it sucks the worst when it really feels, on the inside, like you're the one who's doing it wrong.

    Girl, I've totally been there.

  3. It's easy to judge and even harder to not let it bother you! I try to not care, and I'm usually successful unless it comes to my baby. Then I'm a mess.

  4. I'm guilty! It's the Southern girl in me:)

  5. I'm totally guilty of this! I've been feeling really convicted of it recently. I'm often quick to jump on "oh my gosh, why is that person giving their child juice??" When MH just had noting but bread for lunch bc that's all she's eat. We are so often quick to judge someone else, that we forget to look at ourselves and see where we might improve.

    And I've totally been there where I won't post a picture of MH bc her outfit at that time may not be "twitter appropriate". I need to get over it.

    I also hate that people feel the need to preface things by saying "don't judge me but......" - guess it just proves that we are all too aware of people looking down on our behaviors so that they may make themselves feel better.

  6. #PMMFOREVER (this is mcsquared

  7. you know, as I go further and further into this mom business, I judge less and less for silly stuff like what the child is wearing, etc. because I know I dress my kid in walmart clothes on weekdays and he eats gogosqueez pouches pretty dang often. I am starting to realize that we are all doing the best we can!

    Now, when it comes to wardrobe choices, I don't necessarily think I'm judgemental, but I will think to myself- "hmmm... I don't think that outfit looks the best" so I guess it is a bit judgemental? I don't know.

    perhaps it's the southerner in me.

    I am judgemental about things like the lack of proper "thank yous" or general manners though! LOL

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    2. It is human nature. I think being aware that I do it helps me to really be thoughtful in how I say things. Just because I don't do something a certain way, doesn't make me or anyone else wrong. Just different.

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  9. Great post. I definitely am my worst critic. I don't want to be judged by others and that often means I don't say what I really think or do what I want. But I am working on that!

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