Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three moving tips

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that we recently moved from our condo to a single family home at the beach. Truffle gets a yard! We don't have to worry about Jack tumbling down our stairs! We don't have to smell the cigarette smoke from our neighbors anymore (the biggest reason we moved)!

The last time I moved was from Chicago to Florida. It was pretty painless as I didn't have much stuff. I lived in a 495 sq. ft apartment! Also, I didn't have a dog or baby (or husband) to concern myself with.

I wanted to share the three tips that helped us in this move.

(1) Put toilet tissue, soap and a plunger in the bathrooms before move-in day.

(2) Pack a set of bedsheets/pillow cases plus your new shower curtain (don't forget the curtain rings!) in a separate bag that stays with you. Make yourself take a break early in the unpacking to make your bed/hang. Clean sheets plus a hot shower will never feels as good as they do after a day of moving!

(3) Arrange for your pets/children to stay with family on moving day. Truffle stayed at J's parents. Jack was with my parents. If you have the opportunity to make this happen, it will help. I promise!

Aside from our movers showing up 5 hours late, it was a great move. We have a few random boxes of books left to unpack, but everything else is in its place!

P.S. Lesson Learned: If you have asthma, probably a good idea to wear a face mask when the movers are actually moving stuff. Dust will be in abundance. And I highly recommend you know where your inhaler is. Wish I had done both!


  1. Good tips! We moved out of our old house the night before, then had closing for both old and new homes and moved in to the new place all in one day! Not a lot of time to prep the new place in advance, but we did keep sheets, towels, shower curtain, toilet paper, paper towels, and some other supplies together in a bin that we kept with us. Also, we spent the night between with relatives, so had bags packed with personal items. The cats stayed at the relatives' place until the end of move-in day.

  2. I WANT to move soon so I will file this away! Btw, omg about the face mask. I have pretty bad allergies that have develop recently and this makes so much sense!

  3. um, i totally missed that you will be living on the beach! jealous!

  4. Can you email me your new address when you get a chance? I want to send you some things