Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday 2.14

I really wanted to wear something red in honor of Valentine's Day. However, much to my surprise, I don't own anything red!! How could this be? It's a definite hole in my wardrobe. I have 364 days to remedy before next Valentine's Day!!

This outfit didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped. However by the time I got it on, I was already past my time I need to leave for work, so off I went.

Dress: Ruby Rd, Dillard's
Cardi: Lands End Canvas
Shirt (under dress): Ann Taylor
Tights: Can't remember!
Shoes: Black wedges, Bandolino

In other "news", I ordered the below flower pin from etsy! I love how vibrant it is! I intend to wear it with lots of navy blue :) I liked the flowers that Emerson Made has, however they are out of my price range (over $50 for a linen flower? please). This one was around $15!


  1. Love the dress AND the flower! I agree- $50= ridiculous!! This will add a great pop of color to so many outfits :)

  2. I have about 890 flower pins "favorite"d on etsy. Love them! I have a few... but I'd love more!

  3. love the dress! the colors look amazing on you!