Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheestastic Holiday Movies - Netflix and Hulu+ Edition

We cancelled cable a few months ago. We still get the major networks, thanks to our HD antenna. We also subscribe to Netflix streaming and Hulu+. It has really been great! I don't feel like I'm missing too much. However, this is the time of year that I LOVE to watch cheesy Christmas movies. Not just cheesy, but cheesy MADE FOR TV movies. ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas? Love. Hallmark Channel? YES. Lifetime? Bring it.

But alas, no cable. However, Netflix and Hulu+ have a great selection of holiday "Made for TV" movies! Here are some of my favorites.

"Desperately Seeking Santa" is an ABC Family movie. A career driven girl falls for handsome EMT student, set to the backdrop of a South Boston shopping mall. I know. CHEESE! But darnit, it is cute. Nick Zano is easy on the eyes too. Available on Netflix streaming.

"Christmas Angel" originally aired on Lifetime. Set in Chicago (nice city scenes but when you spot the mountains, you surely know it isn't really in Chicago!), a young woman starts working for her neighbor as a Secret Santa. There is love and a cute dog so really...all the makings of a sweet holiday movie. I did get teary. Available on Hulu+.

"12 Dates of Christmas" is another ABC Family movie. A woman has to keep reliving the same date. Biggest reason I like it is because Zach Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in it. Available on Netflix streaming and Hulu+ (web only).

This modern version of the classic O. Henry tale originally aired on the Hallmark Channel. I think Marla Sokoloff is darling in pretty much all her roles. It's a likeable movie with a good message. Available on Netflix streaming.

NPR Sunday Edition had a story about "The High and the Low in Holiday Movies". It's a fun listen/read found here.

There are many more Christmas movies available on both platforms, so I plan to watch all that I can!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas movies!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I watch a lot of movies at work because I sit at the computer for hours on end coding files/folders. I will def be adding these to my queue!

  3. Ok I need to see that Nick Zano one! I forgot how cute he was until he recently showed up on Happy Endings!

    I loved that 12 Dates movie. Cute!