Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Things

I participated in the Favorite Things swap, hosted by the lovely ladies at Blair's Headband and Christina Izlar. My swap partner, Little B, has received her box, so I wanted to share what I sent! And as an aside, after reading Little B's blog, I can see the ladies did a perfect job matching us.

California Olive Ranch - J started ordering olive oil from California Olive Ranch a couple of years ago. It is delicious! We've used a variety of their products. This particular olive oil is best as is and not exposed to heat. We use it for salad dressing, pesto, hummus, and for bread dipping.

Peterbrooke Chocolate - This is my favorite chocolate! It is made right here in Jacksonville. They are best known for all their hand dipped chocolate treats and the pictured chocolate covered popcorn. I included the popcorn and an assortment of chocolate covered treats.

Food writing is one of my favorite genres. Cooking for Mr. Latte is written by Amanda Hesser, who wrote for the Food section of the NY Times. This book has recipes, food descriptions and romance. 

Oh Ina. When I first started cooking, I devoured so many of Ina's cookbooks! I've cooked quite a few things from "Back to Basics". I made sure to include the page numbers of my favorite recipes.

I've enjoyed sharing some of my favorite things!

**I did not receive any compensation for any of my mentions. These are simply my favorite things!**

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  1. I can personally attest that the chocolate and olive oil are DELICIOUS. I also read the Ina book cover-to-cover last night in bed. I love everything that you sent me so much!