Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gwynnie Bee - Second Box Review

I received my second Gwynnie Bee box last week. Again, everything was packaged beautifully, with each piece wrapped in tissue and sealed with a sticker. I knew this box would have the two tunics I was most interested in trying as well as a faux wrap dress from Lands End.

Here are my thoughts after trying everything on!

Simply Be Bird Tunic - I wanted to like this one so much! However, It just did not work for me. It fit in some places and was huge in others. Perhaps that is just the style and not the piece itself. Regardless, it was a bust.
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Next up is the dress from Lands End. This was one just wrong all over. The fabric felt like a sweatshirt to me. The bust was too big. I could only dream about being able to fill that out :) I felt this was just flat out matronly on me. I don't think sizing down would have made me like it.

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Last up, a tunic from Simply Be. This print was very out of my comfort zone. But I really liked it! I ended up wearing it out that night for dinner with J and meeting up with our friends afterwards. I told J was a bit self-conscious of the print. So when I got two compliments on it while out, he knew I was tickled by it!

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After this box, I decided to cancel my subscription to Gwynnie Bee. I do love the concept of renting clothes. The Gwynnie Bee website is easy to navigate. The shipping and returning process is very easy. However, I still struggled to find clothes (1) in my size that (2) was my style. Luckily, I'm still able to log in and I'm checking weekly to see if the inventory has improved (for me). I'm definitely open to subscribing again if I find more items I'm interested in.

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  1. It is hard for those of us who are on the cusp and not truly plus size. I love that you can still log in even if you cancel, that's a brilliant concept and great way to see if new collections may be a better fit. Great recap!