Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Giving Tips

I love gift guides. Whether it be in a magazine or blog, it's fun to learn about new products and ideas. However, you may find yourself still stumped over what to get your friend or family member, especially when they seemingly have everything! Here are some tips I've used. I'm not promising it will help with every single person on your list, but it's a start!


If your friend or family member is on Facebook, check out their "Likes". This is a great way to find out their favorite restaurants or retail stores. A gift certificate to a place you know they like is a winner, always. You can take it a step further and see if your loved one commented on a product picture and indicated interest.

Personally, I have used Facebook to see what charitable organization my loved ones are supporting. For birthdays, I've made donations in their names.


More people are joining Pinterest and creating boards for every topic imagineable. Does your loved one have a "Wish List" board? Or maybe a "Fashion Inspiration" or "Food" board? All of those will have obvious or not so obvious clues as to what to get.

Some people like to save their favorite quotes on Pinterest. Why not find a print with that quote on it and have it framed? That would be a personal and thoughtful present!


Always check if your loved one has a wish list on Amazon! Other than obvious indications on what they want, you may draw inspiration from their list. Perhaps they have listed a lot of cookbooks. You could find a cookbook that has recently come out that mirrors their tastes.


What better place to find out what someone likes than to go to the places where it is all about them! Seriously. I'm not being snarky, promise! Take my own blog. If someone were to look through old posts, they'd see that I like TJ Maxx, Lilly Pulitzer, baking, etc etc.

Give them an upgrade or accessorize what they already have 

For some of us, we received many of our household items when we got married. If they have been married more than a few years, they may have some items that need updating. Think plush new towels, a new immersion blender, etc.

Or you can accessorize what they already have! Have they recently received a Kitchen Aid? They are numerous attachments and bowls you could give.

The saying is "It's the thought that counts." By doing a little research, you can show that you put thought and love into your gift!


  1. this probably sounds horrible, but I wish certain members of my family read your blog because I leave so many hints on my facebook page, instagram and on pinterest! I have a pinterest board that is titled "christmas wish list!" LOL

  2. I always thinks it's best to go practical and know someone will use the gift. Last year I got my dad giftcards for his favorite things/places. Such a hit!

    Usually my sisters and I email each other our wishlists. It works for us!