Friday, January 4, 2013

Capturing life moments

I love photography. Personally, I take very average to below average pictures. What I love is looking at professional photographers websites. Even though J and I were married almost 5 years ago, I still look at wedding photographer sites.

Since Jack has come along, I also love looking at family pictures. You know. The ones where everyone coordinates their outfits. The pictures are shot in parks, fields, beaches etc. They are simply beautiful!

Lately, I've been working on a gallery wall. I wanted to incorporate pictures from our childhoods. One thing I notice is the location of the pictures. They were taken in grandparents kitchens; in the living room of the house J or I grew up in; backyards of friends. The list goes on.

The pictures bring back memories. They served as a springboard for family stories. Maybe they even made someone tear up. That's one thing these beautiful yet art directed photos are missing. Of course, the people in the pictures are still the most important. But the places? Most of the time, they were picked for beauty not sentiment.

Anyways, does this mean were never going to take professional pictures on the beach or in our favorite hipster neighborhood? Certainly not. But I have a feeling the pictures taken in our truly special places are the ones that will mean the most.


  1. Love this! Most of our favorite pictures are ones we have taken home, at the park, on vacation.

  2. My sister and brother in law have a great gallery wall at their house. All of the photos are unprofessional, "normal" photos of members of each side of the family (starting with the great grandparents of our generation as kids) but it looks so nice! I'll try to take a photo for you