Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ode to blogs of past

I use Google Reader for the majority of my blog reading. I tend not to unsubscribe to blogs, even when they go inactive. I figure the person may start writing again one day! I'd hate to miss it. What's great about my Reader is that inactive blogs can still be read. Here are some of my now defunct favorites.

Charming but Single - Charming was an anon blogger from Atlanta who shared her witty insights into her dating lifestyle. She was incredibly engaging and honest about her quest for love. She went dark in December 2008. Her site is still active, so if you had not heard of her, you can still catch up on her posts. I wonder if she is still blogging, perhaps under a different name?

Hope and the Dress Code - Hope was/is a teacher with a darling sense of style. It was attainable (i.e. not high end), so I was definitely inspired. She went dark in 2011. Her blog is currently set to private. I don't know if she has resumed posting. If you know her and can tell me, I would appreciate it!

EuroChic - EuroChic was an anon blogger who embraced the simple European lifestyle. She was always very purposeful in her wardrobe choices, investing in classics rather than trends. I assure you she didn't own a bubble necklace ;) Her food choices also reflected her lifestyle. She moved to Boston from Atlanta. Unfortunately her blog is also private, so there is no way to know if she is still blogging. Her last public post was in January 2011.

Life of a Valley Girl - Valley Girl was heartbreakingly candid about her dating life. She did not hold back any insecurities at all. Her blog was compelling and a touch racy ;) Her last public post was in 2009. Currently her blog is set to private, so AGAIN no way to know if she is actively blogging.

I'd love to hear if you read any of these blogs! Also, are there any blogs that you miss?


  1. Hi Natalie! It's Hope. I'm still reading blogs, just not blogging anymore. I basically fell out of the routine when I moved, then I got pregnant and just had my son! So sadly my outfits are now yoga pants and nursing tanks while I'm on maternity leave. I've loved reading your posts about your son. Congrats to you!

    1. Hope!!!!! Congratulations! Thank you for saying hi :) Glad to hear the exciting news.

  2. So many great blogs that are no longer active. Sometimes when I go through my reader, I find myself thinking most blogs today don't even come close to being as good as the ones from a few years ago. I think a reader clean out is in order. I'm over reading the "fake" blogs. I love this post!

    Also, how have I missed your new design? (Other than being so far behind on blog reading, but I'm fixing that!) I LOVE IT.

  3. Haha, my Google Reader is basically a graveyard of dead blogs. I'm reluctant to delete any because I don't want to miss it if they do start writing again!

  4. That's so funny because I do the same thing! I figure, I loved them enough to put it on my reader and would hate to miss any new posts lol