Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday 7.11

We had brunch with good friends today. Brunch was the perfect opportunity to debut my new skirt, purchased yesterday! This skirt was a total accident. I parked at Belk's to cut through on my way to Ann Taylor Loft. As I was walking through, I saw a big Lilly Pulitzer sign. I was AMAZED to see at least 15 racks of Lilly--dresses, skirts, tops etc etc. Even better, half these racks had either a 60% off or 40% off sign!!! Aside from my Ruelala Lilly purse purchase and my polo shirt from TJ Maxx, Lilly is just out of my price range. However, on sale? It is much more attainable! The skirt is regularly priced at $118.00, as seen here. It was 60% off at Belk, so after tax, it was just at $50. Score! Good thing as the ATL sale was a disappointment. I also stopped by GAP, which has been disappointing me for several years now.

Cardi: ATL
Shirt: Mossimo Black, Target
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer
Sandals: Merona, Target

J was looking especially cute today! I love when he wears Navy Blue. That combines with the seersucker shorts, Sperrys and 5 oclock shadow? Swoon!

Polo: J Crew
Shorts: Izod, Belk
Shoes: Sperry Top Siders

Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!!


  1. Great deal on your skirt! Both of you look great and I hope brunch was yummy!

  2. Good thing you cut through the other store, it was meant to be!

    I like the bonus J reflection in your picture, too :o)

  3. I adore that skirt! I always search for Lily Pulitzer at my thrift stores, no such luck yet. And I totally know what you mean about the Gap! I always go in there hoping, and walk out disappointed!

  4. You look darling in that outfit, the skirt is one of my fave designs from Lilly. The perfect look for a Sunday brunch!

    Sending you a smile,